Hello everyone, I just stated using this lipstick for awhile now and the results are amazing. This lipstick leaves your lips hydrated and smooth for 12 long hours a day. What I love about this lipstick is the ingredients and scent. Check this lipstick out and give it a try. Also don’t forget to shop for valentine and save as you shopping.


Everyday Essentials


Hello Lovelys! I am just posting about things that I use in everyday basics.

I use my sunscreen every single day whether is sunny or not.  I do do this cause I learn it the hard way to wear sunscreen when leaving the house.  Before I use to leave the house without it then my face and hands are different shades of brown now.  This sunscreen is a lifesaver for my face now.  Oh then there is my purse which is not made from animals who ever was wondering about it lol. 

My purse hold all my favorite and useful items.  Lipsticks are what boost my confidence so I can express what mood I am in.  I love this earphones even though my aren’t beats.  Well as we all know you can’t leave your face without moisturizer in it to have that healthy looking skin we all wants to adore.  Last but not least my even better for my different shades of brown face to even out my skin tone.